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We see childcare as a political act and are committed to providing volunteer childcare to grassroots movements focused on racial & economic justice.

About Us

We are a group of people here to provide childcare to support social justice work. We are a new collective, founded in 2015. We provide childcare for meetings and events hosted by grassroots organizations that focus on racial and economic justice. We strive to provide fun and engaging childcare for the children of our movements. We believe that kids should enjoy themselves and be informed about the work their parents are doing! We believe that making it possible for families to participate in organizing together is part of the long term effort to build intergenerational movements for liberation.


Whereas paid childcare is often more sustainable for providers and organizations alike we are aware that is simply not possible for all organizations. Therefore we are committed to providing volunteer childcare to grassroots organizations and movements focused on racial & economic justice. We are primarily focusing on organizations led by immigrant families, low­ income parents/caregivers and people of color. We are committed to providing these organizations with competent, patient, and politicized childcare providers for one ­time events or ongoing meetings.

We see childcare as a political act. Women and parents are often excluded from movement work because of lack of support­­ and this is not only detrimental to them but to the movement as a whole, as it lacks their valuable insight, contributions, and leadership.

Core Collective Bios


Lee loves children and has been involved with childcare since he was a teenager. Lee has worked at many summer camps, at the “Little Potatoes” childcare cooperative, and has done lots of in-home nannying. Lee is also an acupuncturist, loves gardening and herbal medicine, and is involved with different types of social justice work.


Lindsey and Kai

Lindsey is an educational justice advocate and former classroom teacher. Lindsey thinks kids are remarkable because of their sense of both wonder and justice. In addition to intergenerational movement building, Lindsey is into food justice, bicycles, and making things.




Morgan Matter is a parent and bike mechanic who has lived in Denver since 1982. Morgan has been involved with lots of grassroots organizing throughout the years and is excited to be able to support organizing efforts in a new capacity. Morgan believes that children are brilliant, magical creatures who have a lot to teach us about liberation.




Riley is a musician, landscaper, and amateur mycologist who enjoys reading sci-fi, queer theory and listening to all the podcasts. He is originally from Pueblo, but lives in Denver now. He likes introducing kids to new instruments and looks forward to working more with the Childcare Collective!


Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you!

You can reach us by email at denverchildcarecollective@gmail.com

Click here to check out our Facebook page!


Get Involved

Interested in volunteering to provide childcare? We would love to meet you!

Our next open meeting will be Sunday, May 15th from noon-2pm at 333 Knox Ct. Open meetings are a great place to meet the core members and learn more information about our organization. Before you start working with the childcare collective as a volunteer care provider, you have to attend at least one open meeting.

Snacks and childcare will be provided!

Request Childcare

If you work with an organization that is focused on racial and/or economic justice, and you would like to request childcare for a meeting or event, please click here to fill out our form for requesting childcare!

If you have any questions, you can always email us at denverchildcarecollective@gmail.com

Thank you!



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